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Wangwaxuan coal factory
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Wangwaxuan coal plant is the main supporting project for Wangwameikuang's 6 million tons of mine reconstruction and expansion. The mine type thermal coal processing plant with a design scale of 6 million tons per year is mainly used to produce raw coal in the Wangwa coal mine and the Wangfu second mine. The design service period is 76 years.

In July 2016, it passed the internal quality inspection and acceptance of the group organizations and put them into trial production. After washing and selecting, the total caloric output of commercial coal reached 4,800 kcal or more, which was about 700 kcal higher than that of raw coal. Raw coal is transformed into high-quality refined coal and mixed coal products through washing and processing, and the product structure is changed to enhance market resilience and competitiveness, create good economic and social benefits for the company, and at the same time, it is more in line with the National energy and environmental protection industry policies. In the process of production, the coal processing plant has overcome difficulties such as process transformation, personnel tension, and heavy tasks, and has achieved the safety management goal of "zero injury, zero accident". Wangwaxuan coal plant will continue to improve the raw coal washing ability in the future. Improve the company's economic benefits.