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Shuangjing Coal Selection Factory
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Shuangjing Coal Selection Factory

The Liangshuijing Coal Selection Factory was established in July 2007 and is located in Jinjie Industrial Park, Shenfu Economic Development Zone, Shenmu County, Shaanxi Province, 80 kilometers from Yulin City.

Cool well coal plant is a large power coal plant with annual washing capacity of 4 million tons, and the technical water has reached the advanced level. In 2011, the cool well coal processing plant optimized the system and expanded the washing capacity according to needs. It increased the annual processing of 3 million tons of block coal systems, bringing the washing capacity of the coal processing plant to 7 million tons, and in June 2013. Put into production. The washing process uses all raw coal to be washed, 200-30mm uses heavy shallow slots for sorting, 30-1 .5 mm uses two products for heavy cyclone sorting, and 1.5-0 .1 mm uses spiral separators for sorting.0.1 mm of coal mud is concentrated by the condenser and recovered by the filter press. The production system adopts a single system. The main plant structure adopts a modular workshop with a modular steel frame structure with small building volume, fast construction speed, and full space utilization. The choice of large-scale and efficient, reliability and service life have reached the advanced level in the world today.

The whole washing workshop consists of the block coal main washing module, the final coal main washing module, the pressure filtration module, the concentration module, and the control module. Using the computer centralized control system of Rockwell Corporation of the United States, automatic control is carried out on all bucket positions, pressures, and separation density of the heavy intermediate system and the coal and mud separation system during the washing process. Inputs pressure and separation density are monitored continuously to ensure washing index.

The coal processing plant has more than 90 main equipment sets, of which heavy converters, spiral separators, and magnetic separators are imported from Australia. Vibration sieves use Ludiwici and Schenck products, centrifuges use Ludiwici and TEMA products, shredders introduce MMD products from the United Kingdom, and shallow channels use American Dans products. The reducer uses Flender's products, the slag slurry pump chooses Shijiazhuang Industrial Pumping Factory, the filter press chooses Beijing-Tianjin products, and other equipment adopts domestic high-quality products.
The coal selection factory has an office of the factory department, consisting of a director, a deputy director, an equipment engineer, a secretary, and a clerk; There are three production classes for dragons, tigers and lions, one loading class and one mechanic class(including mechanics group and electrical group); The manager of each team is composed of the duty manager and the chief of staff.