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Gaotou Kiln Coal Selection Factory
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Gaotou Kiln Coal Selection Factory

Gaotouyao Coal Mine Selection Factory is a supporting coal treatment plant of Gaotouyao Coal Mine of Inner Mongolia Beilian Electric Energy Development Co., Ltd.. It is located in Gaotouyao Village, Zhaojun Town, Dalat Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, 60 kilometers away from Dongsheng District, Ordos City. Mine coal is mainly non-viscous coal and is designed and constructed by Earth Engineering Development Co., Ltd.. The coal processing plant is a mine type coal washing plant with a design scale of 10 Mt/a and > 13 mm block coal washing scale of 6 Mt/a. Annual treatment of raw coal 10.00 Mt, daily treatment of raw coal 303.03 T, Hours treated raw coal 1893.94 T. 63.4 years of service. The key parts of the factory(density, liquid level, pressure, etc.) are equipped with automatic control, as well as computer management and monitoring systems and industrial television systems.

Gaotou Kiln Coal Mining and Treatment Plant adopts raw coal classification crushing, block coal heavy medium shallow groove separation, coal mud pressure filtration dehydration technology. The washing process adopts 150-13mm block coal heavy dielectric slot to drain the coal. Grades 3 to 0.1 mm of coarse coal mud are recovered by coal cement centrifuges, fine coal mud pressure filtration recovery, and the production system adopts a dual system. The main plant structure adopts a modular factory building with a steel frame structure, which has the characteristics of small building volume, fast construction speed, and full space utilization. The large scale and high efficiency of the alternative, the reliability and service life have reached the world's advanced level, thus simplifying the process system.

The whole washing workshop consists of main washing module, pressure filtration module, concentration module, control module, etc.. The automatic control of all the bucket position, pressure and separation density of the heavy medium system and the coal and mud separation system in the washing process is carried out. Inputs pressure and separation density are monitored continuously to ensure washing index.

The main equipment of the Gaotou Kiln Coal Mine Treatment Plant uses the most advanced original imported and imported assembly equipment. Among them, the raw coal classification screen uses the American Kangweide product, the large coal Crusher chooses the British MMD product, and the heavy shallow trough separator chooses the United States. Dennis products, fine coal Crusher uses Australian Shuma products, Fine coal centrifuge, coal mud centrifuge choose Australian Tianma products, magnetic separator choose American Yili products; The belt machine and the scraper are equipped with a reducer to select Flanders and SEW products.

Raw coal demud sieve, refined coal deseer sieve, gangue deseer sieve, concentrate machine chooses Tianjin Aorui product, air compressor chooses Wuxi Atlas product, automatic admixture device chooses Zibo Borun product. Other equipment to choose high-quality products made in China.
The coal selection factory has an office of the factory department, consisting of a director, a deputy director, an equipment engineer, a secretary, and a clerk; There are three production classes for dragons, tigers, and lions, and one mechanic class(including mechanical repair group and electrical group); The manager of each team is composed of the duty manager and the chief of staff.