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Chahasu Coal Selection Factory
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Chahasu Coal Selection Factory

State Power Construction Investment Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd.. Chahasu Coal Mine Selection Factory is affiliated to China National Power Group Corporation and Hebei Provincial Construction and Investment Corporation each invested 50 % of the State Power Construction Investment Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd., located in the National large-scale coal base-Shendong Coal Base Dongsheng coalfield Xinjie Mining Area, The administrative division is under the jurisdiction of Ulan Mulun Town and Zasak Town of Yijin Holuo Banner in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and is about 1.5 km from Bilian Township. Chahasu Mine Coal Selection Plant is a supporting project of Chahasu Mine. It is a coal-type coal treatment plant with a raw coal treatment capacity of 10.0 Mt/a and a long-term reach of 15.0 Mt/a.  

The main plant structure adopts a modular factory building with a steel frame structure, and adopts a building model that separates the module from the main body of the factory building, which effectively solves the impact of the module vibration on the main body of the factory building. The selection model adopts the advantages of advanced technology, reliable performance, high efficiency and low consumption, which greatly simplifies the process system. The key parts of the factory(density, liquid level, pressure, etc.) are equipped with automatic control. At the same time, a computer management monitoring system and an industrial television system are provided to continuously monitor the barrel position, cyclone feed pressure, and sorting density to ensure washing index..

The Chahasu Coal Selection Plant adopts a washing method for the separation of 200-25mm blocks of coal into shallow tanks, the non-washing of final coal, and the recovery of pressurized filters after the concentration of coal sludge, and reserves the separation of 25-1 .5 mm coal two products into heavy converters. 1.5-0 .25 mm rough coal mud screw separation possibility. It mainly includes the following technological links: classification crushing of raw coal, separation of heavy shallow grooves, desorption of block fine coal and gangue, desorption of final coal, concentration of coal mud and filtration dehydration under pressure, and magnetic separation of dilute medium.  The Chahasu Coal Selection Plant currently has more than 100 main equipment. Among the main process links, large raw coal Crusher, block coal Crusher, heavy shallow slot separator, and final coal centrifuge are imported equipment, among which the Maikelamahan four-roller Crusher is used for the first time in China. Raw coal classification sieves, block coal demud sieves, disjointed dehydrated sieves, magnetic separators, and fast loading stations use imported assembly equipment. Other major equipment uses advanced and reliable equipment from well-known domestic manufacturers.