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Huangyuchuan Coal Selection Factory
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Huangyuchuan Coal Selection Factory

Huangyuchuan coal processing plant is located in the central and western part of the Zhungeer coalfield. It is 20Km north of Xuejiawan Town, about 120Km to Hohhot City, and about 150Km West to Ordos City. The administrative district was placed under the jurisdiction of the Changtan Township and Xuejiawan Town of the Zhungeer Banner and was attached to Shenhua Yili Energy Co., Ltd.. The plant is a coal-type coal processing plant with a design production capacity of 10.00 Mt/a. The site is located between the coal storage site of the Harusu Lutian Coal Mine and the quasi-energy railway loading ring. The water washing system was designed and constructed by Earth Engineering Development Co., Ltd. and was officially put into production in June 2013.The washing process uses raw coal to be fully washed, 200-25(50) mm class coal into the heavy medium shallow tank separation, -25(50) mm class end coal non-dehumidified non-pressure three products heavy cyclone separation process, 0.5-0mm coal mud is recovered using a sedimentation filter centrifuge and a filter press. The main plant structure adopts a modular workshop with a modular steel frame structure with small building volume, fast construction speed, and full space utilization.The whole washing workshop consists of the block coal main washing module, the final coal main washing module, the pressure filtration module, the concentration module, and the control module. Using the computer centralized control system of Rockwell Allen-Bradley of the United States, automatic control is performed on all bucket positions, pressures, and separation densities of the heavy intermediate system and the coal and mud separation system during the washing process. Inputs pressure and separation density are monitored continuously to ensure washing index.

The coal processing plant is equipped with advanced alternative technology, reliable performance, high efficiency and low consumption. The main process washing equipment and the key components of the production auxiliary equipment are imported equipment. These include the use of AUYR products for vibration screening, Daniels products for shallow slot separators, TEMA products for centrifuges, and Shumar products for Crusher; Magnetic separators, automatic dispensing systems, air presses, loading stations and other equipment selected imported host domestic assembly products; Other equipment is also produced for well-known domestic manufacturers, among which the slag pump uses Shijiazhuang Industrial Pumping Factory products, the cyclone group chooses Tianjin Orster products, and the filter press chooses Beijing-Tianjin products.

The coal selection factory has an office of the factory, consisting of a director, a deputy director, an equipment engineer, and a secretary. It consists of three production classes for dragons, tigers, and lions, and a mechanical repair class(including a mechanical repair group and an electrical group); The manager of each team is composed of the duty manager and the chief of staff.