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Hami coal separation plant
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Hami coal separation plant

Hami coal extraction plant is located in the Dananhu mining area of Tuo-Ha coalfield in Xinjiang and is located at 40km in the 190 ° direction of Hami City in Xinjiang. The administrative division is within Nanhu Township of Hami City and is affiliated to Guotou Hami Energy Development Co., Ltd.. The scale of coal treatment plant construction is 12.0 Mt/a, which is a coal-type coal treatment plant. Daily treatment of raw coal 3633.64 T; The hourly processing capacity is 2272.73 T. In addition, the plant has set up a foreign coal system of 4.0 Mt/a as a coal storage and coal distribution system for supporting power plants. The site of the plant is at the National Capital Hami mine industrial site.

The upper limit of coal washing in coal processing plants is 150mm and the lower limit is 13mm. The raw coal is classified by 13mm, and the 150-13mm block coal is washed by heavy shallow grooves, and the coal at the end of -13mm is not sorted. The interface and construction site for the late-13mm coal washing selection are reserved. Using the method of coarse coal mud recovery, 3-0 .25 mm thick coal mud is dehydrated and recovered by coal mud centrifuge; -0.25 mm fine slime is dehydrated and recycled by a fast-opening diaphragm filter press.

The structure of raw coal sieve and filtration plant and washing system of coal processing plant adopts steel concrete frame structure factory. The main equipment uses the most advanced original imported and imported assembly equipment. Among them, the raw coal classification sieve, deinterfacing sieve, high-frequency sieve, curved sieve, and enrichment machine all use Australian Orrish products, and the heavy shallow slot separator chooses the United States. Piers products, Fine coal centrifuges and coal mud centrifuges use Tianjin Orst products, magnetic separators use American Yili products, raw coal Crusher uses SHUMAR original imported products, and belt and scraper are equipped with reducers. Select SEW products. Other equipment to choose high-quality products made in China.
The coal selection factory has an office of the factory department, consisting of a director, a deputy director, an equipment engineer, a secretary, and a clerk; There are three production classes for dragons, tigers, and lions, and one mechanic class(including mechanical repair group and electrical group); The manager of each team is composed of the duty manager and the chief of staff.