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Feng Jiachuan Coal Processing Factory
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Feng Jiachuan Coal Processing Factory

Fengjiachuan's storage and transportation system is affiliated with Shanxi Shiyi Railway Transportation and Marketing Co., Ltd., which is located in Baode County, Zhangzhou City, Shanxi Province. It is a supporting project for the construction of the local railway from Xingxian County to Baode County, Shanxi Province. The project is a regional-level large-scale coal distribution hub base and large-scale coal distribution center that integrates coal collection, unloading, storage, coal distribution, and transportation. It provides resources for the coal traffic volume of the railway passages in south-central Shanxi Province. Fengjiachuan's coal storage and transportation system plans a total coal flux of 30.00 Mt/a, of which the automotive coal capacity is 10.00 Mt/a, and the long-distance leather brings coal capacity is 20.00 Mt/a; Train outbound capacity 30.00 Mt/a; The storage and transportation system was designed and constructed by the Land Engineering Group Corporation and was officially put into production in October 2016.

Fengjiachuan's storage and transportation system process is coal for raw materials transportation and long-distance belt machine transportation. The venue is transported by belt machines, and the outward transportation of products is all completed by rail transportation. The unloading of coal from automobiles is carried out by side-turning trucks, the transportation of coal is carried out by belt conveyor, the coal pile in coal storage yards is carried by belt machine unloading carts, and the coal feed in the yard is transported by activated feed machines and belt machines. The coal distribution coal adopts flow control gate adjustment and weighing and testing devices for piled belts. The railway loading operation of coal adopts a railway rapid loading station.
Fengjiachuan's storage and transportation system has a factory office, which consists of a factory director, a deputy factory director, an equipment engineer, a secretary, a security officer, and an accountant. There are three production classes for dragons, tigers, and lions, one mechanical repair class(including mechanical repair group, electrical group), and one coal push team.