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Pu County Coal Selection Factory
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Pu County Coal Selection Factory

Shanxi Coal Import and Export Group Pu County Energy Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanxi Coal Import and Export Group, with a registered capital of 90 million yuan, providing on-site deep processing services for the surrounding coal mine raw coal. The coal processing plant is located in Heilongguan Town, Pu County, Shanxi Province. It is located in the mining area and produces nearly 10 million tons of raw coal in the surrounding mines. It mainly produces coking coking coal and fertilizer coal. It is a mining-area coking coal selection plant and is adjacent to the factory area. Hehe Highway and 329 provincial roads are very convenient for transportation.
The main processes and equipment of coal processing plants have absorbed and introduced world-class coal processing technologies and equipment, and advanced two products with pressure, heavy converters, and main rewashing and sorting have been adopted. Through the combined process of pre-dehumidification of raw coal, TBS separation of coarse coal mud, coal mud flotation, and concentrated pressure filtration of tailings, refined coal, medium coal, coal mud, and gangue were produced.

The concept of energy conservation and environmental protection runs through the production process and equipment selection of the entire factory area. The factory area is equipped with advanced energy conservation facilities and devices. In the transportation and transportation of raw coal, coal processing plants are equipped with dust collection covers, dust removers, sprinklers and other dust removal devices. The sites within the factory area have achieved non-hardening or greening, and Qiao shrubs with strong dust suppression and retention capacity have been planted. The dust removal efficiency can reach more than 95 %. It has played a good effect of reducing noise and beautifying the environment.
Pu County Coal Selection Factory was designed, packaged, installed, and operated by the Earth Engineering Group. The coal selection plant officially started construction in May 2013. In 2017, the coal selection plant completed the construction of the project. Each year, it can wash raw coal. 3 million tons, producing 1.95 million tons of fine coal.

The plant structure of the washing system of the coal mill adopts a modular steel structure workshop with assembly type. The main equipment uses domestic advanced equipment, among which raw coal classification sieves, mud sieves, dehydrated sieves, high-frequency sieves, and centrifuges all use Tianjin Orst's products, and heavy dielectric cyclone, graded cyclone, and TBS separators use Tianjin Orst's products. Magnetic separators use American Yili products. The filter press adopts Jingjin filter press products, the flotation machine adopts Tiandi Company products, the enrichment machine adopts Huaibei Zhongfen products, and the slag slurry pump is the product of Shijiazhuang Industrial Pumping Factory.

The coal selection factory has an office of the factory department, consisting of a director, an equipment engineer, an IMIS officer, and an inspector. There is a production workshop(including the raw coal preparation group, the main washing group, the Stoker group) and a mechanical repair workshop(including the mechanical repair group, the electrical group, and the push coal unit).