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  • Tiandi(Tianjin) Coal Selection Management Co., Ltd.(www.ddtjxm.com) is part of the Daejeon Engineering Development Group, formerly known as Datong Dazhong Cleaning Equipment Operation Co., Ltd., which was established on April 13, 2001. It is a production and operation entity with coal washing and processing as the main industry, and with production cost control as the center and independent accounting. With the concept of "compliance, scientific and technological leadership, people-oriented, and excellence" as the company's concept, the company has gathered a group of outstanding employees who are eager to make progress in accordance with the management system of "streamlining, efficient operation, communication up and down, and interaction between the left and right". There are more than 1,400 employees. Among them, there are 350 technical personnel with a secondary education or above. Professional technology covers more than a dozen majors such as coal selection, machinery, electrical control, computer operation, and quality management. It can fully meet the daily production, safety, maintenance, quality and management of coal selection plants. The company is currently contracted to operate 9 coal processing plants, Shaanxi Shenmuhui Sen Liangshuijing Mining Co., Ltd.. Liangshuijing Coal Selection Factory(7 million tons/year), Inner Mongolia Beilian Electric Energy Development Co., Ltd.. Gaotouyao Coal Mine Selection Factory(10 million tons), State Power Construction Investment Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd.. Chahasu Mine Selection Factory(15 million tons/year). Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Co., Ltd.. Huangyuchuan Coal Mine Selection Factory(15 million tons/year), Shanxi Coal Transportation Group Wangjialing Coal Industry Co., Ltd.. Wangjialing Coal Selection Factory(6 million tons/year). Fengjiachuan's storage and transportation system is affiliated with Shanxi Shiyi Railway Transportation Co., Ltd.. Fengjiachuan Coal Storage and Transportation System Planning Coal Flux is 30.00 Mt / a, of which the automotive coal capacity is 10.00 Mt / a, and the long-distance leather brings coal capacity. 20.00 Mt / a; Train outbound capacity 30.00 Mt/a; Hami coal extraction plant is located in the Danan Lake mining area of Tuo-Ha coalfield in Xinjiang, and is located at 40km in the 190 ° direction of Hami City in Xinjiang. The administrative division belongs to Nanhu Township of Hami City and is subordinate to it.