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Management body:
The company's headquarters is the main body of management and management, and the coal mill is the main body of safe production and cost control.

The company's purpose:
Our shareholders get superior returns on their investments. Our customers benefit from our products and services. We live in a city that values our existence. Each employee welcomes each day with a sense of purpose, and sends each day away with a sense of accomplishment. Contract coal selection factory, each index creates first class.   

The spirit of enterprise:
Safety, professionalism, efficiency, innovation   

Business philosophy:
Compliance, science and technology leader, people-oriented, excellence   

Management system:
Streamlined organization, efficient operation, up and down communication, left and right interaction

Guidelines for the conduct of work:
Formatting, Informatization, Programming, Normalizing, Scientificing, Archiving, Humanizing, Affiliation

Safety principles:
Safety first, prevention first, self-insurance, mutual insurance, joint insurance